Saturday, August 31, 2013

Arushi Dubai Campaign shot in France

Hello everyone,
Just thought I would also share my shots from a campaign I did for Arushi Couture Dubai.
This work trip was absolutely amazing, we shot this in a wonderful place called Dinard in France.
The lovely business owner of Arushi Couture Mireille invited us to stay in her farmhouse( I would describe it more like a Farm-mansion) for a few days whilst shooting the campaign.
The farmhouse was on the outskirts of Dinard and when we arrived there it felt like you arrived to this magical, calm and quiet place where you could just relax and enjoy life.
We were also extremely lucky with the weather, at points it was actually so hot that wearing the heavy wedding gowns felt quite difficult(but a model should never complain about the heat, us models know too well how it is to be shooting in the freezing cold for hours, we rather feel a bit flustered :P)

I cant even begin to describe the gowns, all handmade, beautifully decorated with crystals, embroidery and when I was wearing them I just literally felt like a fairy-tale princess.
I am not usually a massive fan of wedding dresses, I find them usually heavy and just a bit too predictable, but Arushi's designs are just incredible. All the gowns are so unique looking and so well made.

The whole trip was just lovely and Mireille and Peter(her husband and business partner) really looked after all of us, cooking gorgeous food for dinner and treating us to a little excursion on our last day to see the lovely sea side town of Dinard.

I have attached a few images from the actual campaign and some shots of the house and the team.
One of the best teams I have ever worked with, just such a lovely bunch!

Em xx

Arushi couture Dubai
Photographer: Robert Coppa
Stylist: Mandi Kingsbury
Designer: Khaled Al Kuntar
Make up and hair: Farhana Ali
Special thanks to Mireille and Peter


Slow, very slow

Oh dear, I have been extremely bad at updating my blog!
Since I have been back from sunny Mexico I have been enjoying being back in my own bed, and of course enjoyed the British summer( yes we actually had a summer this year!)

I don't really know where to start as its been ages since I wrote on this blog, should get a slapped hand really :P

Here are some images updates from the months since I have been back from Mexico, and I can promise that I am stop being lazy :)

I am going to start to share some things I love too, not just work images and updates about work, there are so many amazing things out there and these things should be shared :)

Kapello Hair extension campaign

Kapello Hair extension campaign