Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sears show

This week I did a show for Sears. The show was not held in Mexico DF(Mexico city) but in a town called morielia which is located about 5hrs drive from Mexico Df. Me and Madeleine, my super lovely Swedish roomie and friend had to.get up at 3 in the morning to get to where the bus was leaving to take us to Morelia, talk about early call time! Luckily the bus was pretty comfy so we managed to sleep on the way there. Before leaving we checked the weather and the reports said it would be about 29-30 degrees so we only packed summer clothes, but when we arrived it was freezing! Everyone else travelled in jeans and jumpers so we felt a little bit stupid as we travelled pretty light. Luckily at around midday the temp had risen to late 20s so we were probably the only ones actually dressed for it :-)
We did some rehearsals, we were about 35 models both girls and boys so quite a big show.
After rehearsals we had to go to hair and make up and then had a little break.
I took some pics from our tent were we all got ready and some images from Morelia, I will post some of them as well.
I had some really lovely outfits although my first shoes were way too small and really hard to walk in! My second pair were super high (that's the shoes my beautiful friend madelene is wearing in the pic, they were huge and she's not a giant LOL)
The show went well and it was a lot of fun. As soon as I get hold of the catwalk images I will post them here, but for now Ciao :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

So I've been really bad at updating my blog lately :p this last week I haven't been up to a lot except a lot of castings and some sightseeing with the girls. We went to co
coyoacan which is a part of Mexico city which has a lovely little park, lots of food stalls and also stalls with all kinds of things like clothes accessories,the market has a sort of hippie feel to and its was really nice walking around and just having a look at all the things you ciyld buy. Gave me lots of ideas for gifts for all my lovely friends back home :-) we also tried something they do here in Mexico and also in Argentina called churros . It tastes kind of like a doughnut/waffle with sugar glazed on top and its got a hole in the.middle where they put any filling you want, I choose nutella, it was lush :-)
This Saturday we went out for dinner with our agency manager Pablo & his lovely partner Edgar and had an amazing dinner, probably the best food and wine I've ever had, the desserts looked like a piece of art and the baskets with bread and crisps were edible made out of crips too(took some pics to show you guys :-)
Tomorrow I'm doing a show for Sears, which is a big brand here in Mexico and the states, kind of like UK's Debenhams. We are travelling to a town about 5hrs away, unfortunately not closer to the beach but will be nice to get to see another town :-) I will post some behind the scenes pics tomorrow :-)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Me and ny beautiful roomie & friend Cande
My book and compo card and also behind the scenes from my beauty shoot :-)

Second week in Mexico

Second week in Mexico:
I have been really bad at updating my blog lately. There's a number of reasons, Ive been really busy with castings and go sees and also I haven't been well so just didn't find any time to write anything interesting :p
This second week has been busy with loads of castings, but I've also had time to hang out with my flatmates, who are btw so lovely. There's quite a few girls in our flat but we all get along really well! Last weekend I spent most of my time in bed to try and get rid of a nasty cold. Although I'm a lot better now I still don't feel 100% so will be a quiet weekend for me I think. Today I have a beauty shoot that I'm looking forward to, will post some pics later but for now I'll post some random images from this week :-)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploring Mexico city

Sightseeing in Mexico: This weekend has been lovely, I haven't done too much, just been enjoying having lazy mornings and taking it easy. Me and another girl from our apartment did go out to explore Mexico city and also tried some great Mexican food. The actual town center is packed with great shops but its also super crowded so if you decide to go into town during a weekend you  better prepare yourself for some serious elbow action!
The buildings in Mexico city are just stunning
,very old fashioned but well looked after so they don't look run down just beautiful architecture and interesting buildings structures. We stopped for some food, Mexican specialties which consisted of a big block of smoked cheese, nachos and some nice flat bread. We also visited one of Mexico city's parks which was absolutely huge. The park was filled with people and stalls selling sweets and food. It seems like Mexicans really love their food and they even sell food in the underground so there's no excuse to go hungry, although some of the food at the stalls doesn't look very appealing! I took some pictures of what type if thing they usually sell(snacks) but they also sell a lot of fried bread with meat.

Love Monday's

Today was my first day of castings.I've seen a few clients today and the castings have been a pleasant experience. I have also been told that I have some super exciting call backs this week and castings this week.  My agency have been great and they are working hard to make us girls feel comfortable and at home but also filling our days with meetings and castings which is good. Now I've only got one more casting and then go and get some food with the girls, it will be a fairly quiet affair as I will need to be up bright and early tomorrow but that doesn't mean you can't have one cheeky drink :-)