Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fashion - Images I love

I find that the word Fashion is used in many different ways, some use it to describe clothes,others to describe certain trends,and some use it to describe art.

I consider it to be art. Like a painting. 
Before I started modelling I didn't really care about fashion, I just followed some trends that I thought kind of suited me. 
I used to just see it as showcasing clothing, but now I do consider fashion to be more of an art form. I appreciate it in a completely different way than I used to. 

To me editorials are a collection of images, they capture a feeling, a story and it requires creativity.
Editorials use clothing to express a certain emotion and to tell a story,and I find it really interesting. 
Don't get me wrong there are loads of (not so good) editorials out there, boring, mainstream and some just damn weird. Unfortunately some people seem to think that just because its weird, its editorial. No! Some things are just not good, simply weird.
Of course there is a matter  of personal taste sometimes but if an editorial is done well it can be amazing!
Here are some images taken from editorials I love.

Em xx

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