Monday, September 23, 2013

My model Must have! Paraben free!

My make-up remover nightmare is over!

Something I always find myself doing after a shoot is using baby-wipes to get my make-up off.
I know that's something you just should not do, but I have never found a good make-up remover that doesn't cost the earth and isn't super greasy(or feel too much like a toner for that matter)
I have been looking for absolutely ages for a product that doesn't irritate my skin and actually removes all the make up after a long day of shooting, and I have finally found one that fits the bill!
Boots Botanics range - Soothing eye make -up remover All bright is a clear winner.

I find that after (especially doing a beauty shoot) its really hard to get the eye make-up off and usually I have to rub off the make-up which is of course a big NO NO as it really aggravate the skin under my eyes.
Its not greasy, it doesn't have loads of unnecessary ingredients(Paraben free) and most importantly, it doesn't irritate my skin.

TIP: It works really well with non perfumed baby-wipes or just simple cotton wool pads.
You don't need much, just poor a little on a wipe or a cotton pad and the make-up will just glide off your eyelids :) It works well for the rest of the skin too!
One other huge plus point is that is very cheap.
You can find it in most Boots stores for £3.99 and its on special offer at the moment, £2.66, you just can't go wrong :)

Em xx

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