Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploring Mexico city

Sightseeing in Mexico: This weekend has been lovely, I haven't done too much, just been enjoying having lazy mornings and taking it easy. Me and another girl from our apartment did go out to explore Mexico city and also tried some great Mexican food. The actual town center is packed with great shops but its also super crowded so if you decide to go into town during a weekend you  better prepare yourself for some serious elbow action!
The buildings in Mexico city are just stunning
,very old fashioned but well looked after so they don't look run down just beautiful architecture and interesting buildings structures. We stopped for some food, Mexican specialties which consisted of a big block of smoked cheese, nachos and some nice flat bread. We also visited one of Mexico city's parks which was absolutely huge. The park was filled with people and stalls selling sweets and food. It seems like Mexicans really love their food and they even sell food in the underground so there's no excuse to go hungry, although some of the food at the stalls doesn't look very appealing! I took some pictures of what type if thing they usually sell(snacks) but they also sell a lot of fried bread with meat.

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