Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sears show

This week I did a show for Sears. The show was not held in Mexico DF(Mexico city) but in a town called morielia which is located about 5hrs drive from Mexico Df. Me and Madeleine, my super lovely Swedish roomie and friend had to.get up at 3 in the morning to get to where the bus was leaving to take us to Morelia, talk about early call time! Luckily the bus was pretty comfy so we managed to sleep on the way there. Before leaving we checked the weather and the reports said it would be about 29-30 degrees so we only packed summer clothes, but when we arrived it was freezing! Everyone else travelled in jeans and jumpers so we felt a little bit stupid as we travelled pretty light. Luckily at around midday the temp had risen to late 20s so we were probably the only ones actually dressed for it :-)
We did some rehearsals, we were about 35 models both girls and boys so quite a big show.
After rehearsals we had to go to hair and make up and then had a little break.
I took some pics from our tent were we all got ready and some images from Morelia, I will post some of them as well.
I had some really lovely outfits although my first shoes were way too small and really hard to walk in! My second pair were super high (that's the shoes my beautiful friend madelene is wearing in the pic, they were huge and she's not a giant LOL)
The show went well and it was a lot of fun. As soon as I get hold of the catwalk images I will post them here, but for now Ciao :-)

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