Monday, March 25, 2013

So I've been really bad at updating my blog lately :p this last week I haven't been up to a lot except a lot of castings and some sightseeing with the girls. We went to co
coyoacan which is a part of Mexico city which has a lovely little park, lots of food stalls and also stalls with all kinds of things like clothes accessories,the market has a sort of hippie feel to and its was really nice walking around and just having a look at all the things you ciyld buy. Gave me lots of ideas for gifts for all my lovely friends back home :-) we also tried something they do here in Mexico and also in Argentina called churros . It tastes kind of like a doughnut/waffle with sugar glazed on top and its got a hole in the.middle where they put any filling you want, I choose nutella, it was lush :-)
This Saturday we went out for dinner with our agency manager Pablo & his lovely partner Edgar and had an amazing dinner, probably the best food and wine I've ever had, the desserts looked like a piece of art and the baskets with bread and crisps were edible made out of crips too(took some pics to show you guys :-)
Tomorrow I'm doing a show for Sears, which is a big brand here in Mexico and the states, kind of like UK's Debenhams. We are travelling to a town about 5hrs away, unfortunately not closer to the beach but will be nice to get to see another town :-) I will post some behind the scenes pics tomorrow :-)

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