Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashion week

Fashion week was crazy, early call times and almost always a late finish but it was well worth it. I've worked for some fantastic designers both Mexican and international.
It was long days and we had to sit around waiting a lot whilst other girls got ready for different shows, most days we had several shows so we got ready for one, had a break and then go into make up and hair to change the look for the next show.
I also opened and closed for Spanish designer Pepa Salazar which was amazing.
Yesterday day me and my friend Madelene did the closing show and it was really something special. The designer was Julia Y Renata, the clothes were very classic,modern and elegant. The collection was inspired by the Armish so our make up and hair reflected that, we all had massive thick eyebrows, messy tussled hair put up in a messy bun and we were also wearing really cool hats.
As this was the closing show for the whole fashion week the choreography was pretty mad. I have posted the video of the whole show and I can tell you that the beginning bit was so difficult to do in 5inch heels!
When you watch the video you will notice that we are not really walking to music and that too was hard,it was difficult to keep the tempo up, but it was an amazing designer to walk for.
Anyway I will upload the videos later and let you guys watch for yourselfs, you will see what I mean
Today we had two hrs sleep and then we had to catch the bus to Alcopulco as we are doing another show there, but even thou I am absolutely shattered I had an amazing experience at Mexico fashion week and would definitely love to do it again!

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