Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rules, what rules?! Mexican style

I've noticed that they haven't got many rules and schedules here, even if they do its more like guidelines not something that everyone follows.
I will give you an example: if you want to take the bus, look up where the route is and just stand beside the road, anywhere and wave at the bus and it will stop. Also there are no schedules for when the bus will be turning up, the bus just arrives exactly when it feels like it.
There arent many bus stops so its pretty handy, its like hauling down a taxi and the bus will stop where you tell it to (within reason)
I've also heard that you can buy a drivers license, so that could explain the insane driving style here in Mexico. When I travelled to England the first time I was petrified as I was used to the Swedish way of driving, super slow, almost no cars on the road. This was mainly because I'm from the north of Sweden where during the winters the roads are covered by a thick layer of ice and when you take your test you will have to prove that you can control the car when the road is covered by ice. This is something I think they should include in the test in Britan as well since we are havin more and more snowy and ice winters, and the British have little experience of driving on ice covered roads, but even when its summer it seems like the Swedes apply the same way of driving as when the roads are icy, they drive very carefully and pretty slow.
The way of driving here seems to work although from a viewers perspective it looks like chaos. Cars just stop in the middle of the road sometimes because someone has decided to stop their car in the middle of a busy road because they want to pass their friend on another car their lunch(
I've actually seen this happen twice)
I have also seen lot of cars just ignoring the traffic lights, doing U turns where you shouldn't etc but during my time here I have only seen one car accident. So I assume they just play by their own traffic rules rather than by the actual traffic laws.
It's funny as I feel safer here than I ever did in Italy, Milan where they drive like maniacs. To the naked eye the Mexicans driving style seems just  completely and utterly chaotic!
Maybe this is the way forward?
Or maybe it only works because its Mexico.
They do it Mexico style!
This week I'm doing Mexico fashion week so I will update you guys on what's going on begind the scenes and of course get some pics uploaded!


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