Monday, April 8, 2013

The girls are loco!!!

On Saturday me and Madelene, another Swede, went to have some brunch in a beautiful cafe close to our agency. The weather wasn't the best, humid and pretty grey(with the sun peeking out now and then)
It was a really nice and relaxing day, just chilling and just having some girly chit chat.
But when we came home, the other girls, the crazy Argentinian and Russian presented us with something they bought at the market,
Fried spicy grasshoppers urrrrgh!!!
I've taken a picture of them, not nice, and people here eat them, so strange!! But the girls are saying we have to try them too, not sure my stomach can coop with that :-S
I will let you guys now if I do it and how disgusting it was!


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