Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pyramid adventure!

Last week, me and the girls went to see the pyramids here in Mexico. When we arrived we didn't realize how big the area was, it was huge! We spent most of our day there, walking around the sites and ultimately got pretty sunburned! I did not know much about the the pyramids and why they were built but they were not tombs but used as a sacrifice grounds.
Their "victims" were buierid alive! Arkeologists have found remains of birds of prey, and also other preditors, also buired alive.
There were two main Pyramides, the pyramid of the sun and the Pyramid of the moon. We only managed to climb the pyramid of the moon(the smallest one) mainly because the que to get up there was huge and also because we were all very tired, hot and also lazy hehe! Even thou we climbed the smallest Pyramid we were shattered when we got up there, steep stairs combined with 30 degree heat is a killer! When we got to the top we amused the other tourists by doing a crazy dance on top of the pyramid, we have it all on video so I will post the final edits later on :-)
Here are some pics from our little adventure.

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  1. Wow babe! Sounds like you are having such an exciting adventure - so happy for you!!! Wish I could come for a visit but will have to wait for you to get home to hear about it properly! Miss you Laura xx